“On the set of the Musketeers we are incredibly adolescent!We also

enjoyed making prank calls. I spent half an hour on the phone to

Clarks pretending to be a man who couldn't get his shoe off.” Tom sharing

with us how hard and serious this filming business is... ;)

 As this is an unofficial site, all mistakes,foul ups and glaring errors are all mine! - BritAngie 
Tom Burke
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Gentleman of the Road- Currently in post production. ‘Strike’ out on BBC 1 in August 2017. Awaiting news on broadcast in the USA on HBO. New movie ‘Souvenir’ starts shooting July 31st  for 8 weeks.

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Tom at Newcastle comic con(photo Angie Hewitt) Tom as Romeo in the Globe production of R & J (this shot at Hampton Court) Tom at Newcastle comic con (photo Angie Hewitt) Tom as Strike Tom at Newcastle comic con - (Photo Angie Hewitt
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Shakespeare anniverary short Henry VI Behind the Scenes Reasons to be Happy S3 Musketeers Tom in Strike Tom at War  and Peace press event December 2015 S3 Musketeers Creditors Tom at War and Peace press event National Theatre Deep Blue Sea
First promo photos from ‘Strike’ First promo photos from the new series ‘Strike’ starring Tom and Holliday Grainger. Huge thank you to Bronte film and Televsion for the photos. Also two photos on-set in London in November. Thank you to Neil Blair (@NeilBlairTBP) for allowing me to use these.
Strike - photos courtesy of Bronte Film and Television Strike - photos courtesy of Bronte Film and Television Strike - photo courtesy of Neil Blair Strike - photo courtesy of Neil Blair An Enemy to Die for The Brief Tom - Vogue UK Magazine The Musketeers Telstar Napoleon War and Peace Design for Living rehearsals War and Peace Deep Blue Sea National theatre - photo Sioux Rogers Creditors War and peace Tom signing a fundraising print - photo Nicolas Granger Taylor The Deep  Blue Sea- National Theatre The Deep Blue Sea Rehearsals The Deep Blue Sea - National Theatre I want candy
Marathon Man - Radio 4 15th July 2.30pm
More photos from filming ‘Strike’ Another London shot taken in December for filming of ‘Strike.(Left) Huge thank you  to Misa-llt on instagram for this one. (Right) Shooting image posted by Robert Galbraith on twitter showing Tom as Cormoran Strike in Strike’s office.
Strike - photo Misa-llt
Tom wins a Broadwayworld West end award! Congratulations to Tom for winning a Broadway World West end award in 2016’s awards. He won the “Best Supporting Actor in a New Production of a Play” for his portral of Freddie in The Deep Blue Sea at the National Theatre. Having seen this show a few times I think it’s hugely deserved!
Strike - photo JK Rowling on Twitter
On location in Barrow for ‘Strike’ Location photos in Barrow from 18th January for ‘Strike’. Huge thanks to Kate Wallace on twitter for allowing me to share these. (@lawabidingtatie)
Tom in Barrow - Photo Kate Wallace Tom in Barrow - Photo Kate Wallace Tom in Barrow - Photo Kate Wallace Tom in Barrow - Photo Kate Wallace Tom at Rada readthrough for Guy Fawkes the musical Tom at Rada readthrough for Guy Fawkes the musical
On location in Masham for ‘Strike’ Location photos in Masham from 20th January for ‘Strike’. Yes Tom has been gallavanting all over the place for the new series! Huge thank you to @CormoranStrike_ (aka Billy Reeves) who is a huge fan of the books and JK Rowling. He gets extra brownie points for not only meeting Tom for the first time but also being brave enough to meet a group of Burketeers who were also there to watch the shoot. I’m happy to report tom and Billy survived the experience (Just kidding ladies! You always do a superb job of looking after everyone! :) Xx)
Billy and Tom (photo Billy Reeves) Tom in Masham
Daily Mail article 30th January Some nice photos (if somewhat vacuous article!) from the shoot of ‘Strike’ in London. The best one below. ;) (Okay so I’m a tad biased! LOL)
Strike location filming - Daily Mail
Tom attends book launch for ‘The Fatal Tree’ Photos from Tom attending the book launch for his friend Jake Arnott’s new book ‘The Fatal Tree’ on 22nd Feb 2017. Thank you to the Earl of Bedlam on twitter for allowing me to repost these. (@NewsfromBedlam)
The Fatal Tree launch party -photo -  Earl of Bedlam The Fatal Tree launch party -photo -  Earl of Bedlam The Fatal Tree launch party -photo -  Earl of Bedlam The Fatal Tree launch party -photo -  Earl of Bedlam
Candid photo from shooting in March for ‘Strike’ A photo from Denmark St in London from the end of March. Huge thank you to Twelvestime on tumblr.
photo from Twelvestime
A new promo shot from ‘Strike’ A photo from the new series- thanks to  McCainsh Consulting on Instagram who posted in this in April.
Strike - McCainsh consulting Strike - McCainsh consulting
Tom is in Vogue!! Okay not something I’d imagined myself ever typing seeing as Vogue is a womans fashion magazine! Yes Tom is in May’s edition of UK Vogue.
Tom in Vogue UK Magazine Tom in Vogue UK Magazine
First site of ‘Strike’ in BBC Pure Drama trailer BBC one has just released it’s new trailer for this seasons new dramas and Strike is in there! Link to the trailer is here. 
Strike Strike
Tom cast as lead in a new movie! Tom is to play the lead - an “Untrustworthy man”  in the Joanna Hogg production team movie ‘The Souvenir’. This is a two part story to be shot as two movies. Tom will play the male lead in the first one set in the 1980’s and Robert Patttinson will play the lead in the second to be shot next year. Martin Scorsese (yes *that* one!) is going to executive produce this British production which will start shooting in London and Norfolk at the end of July for 8 weeks. No news yet on who the female lead is yet but this sounds like an intriguing project! Details to be found here , here and here
Mail on Sunday and Radio Times - ‘Strike’ broadcast date JK Rowling hinted on Twitter that ‘Strike’ was coming ‘very soon’. Well the Mail on Sunday and the Radio Times have now confirmed that we will be getting to see ‘Strike’ in August on BBC 1. The series runs for 7 episodes so if uninterupted will run through into September and possibly October depending on how late in August it starts.
No firm news on HBO broadcast date for the USA yet. Fans already asking when HBO will schedule ‘Strike’ in the USA. A viewer asked community voices about HBO’s schedule. The response was :- “News of HBO picking up this series for American distribution came out last year but my understanding is it’s too early to determine even what year the  program will air at this point.” @CormoranStrike_ on Twitter also emailed HBO directly and got a similar answer that they have no plans yet when it will be screened. So sorry folks no word yet! If I hear anything more I will post here!
New photo of the ‘Strike’ titles New photo shared by JK Rowling on twitter! What looks to be a photo from the opening titles sequence for Strike’s first story - The Cuckoo’s Calling.
Strike opening titles- JK Rowling on Twitter
Tom’s birthday - celebrations! This year as usual we have been raising money for Tom’s 36th birthday which is on 30th June. Fans have sent him a card and a birthday message book but the main part of our gift has been fundraising for Tom for The Box Clever Theatre company. Tom is a patron of this charity and is very passionate about the work they do working with children in schools across the UK. We have raised over £2000.00 so far but there is still time to donate for Tom’s birthday in the meantime. You can donate on our Just giving page. A massive massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far so generously and participated in our fan shennanigans in tom’s honour. Xx We’ve also already had a lovely ‘thank you’ email from Michael Wicherek who is the Artistic Directior at Box Clever Theatre thanking all of us for our support. I’ve shared a copy of the text below. :)
Just Giving page Tom's birthday 2017 Tom at Rada readthrough for Guy Fawkes the musical
Tom in Radio 4 Drama Tom will be starring in Radio 4’s new drama “Marathon Man” being broadcast on Saturday 15th July at 2.30pm. Details can be found here.
Tom to attend preview and Q & A at BFI in London for “Strike”. Tom will attending a preview of the first episode of his new series “Strike”. Episode 1 from “The Cuckoo’s calling” will be shown at the BFI Southbank on 10th August starting at 6.15pm. He along with Holliday Grainger, director Michael Keillor, writer Ben Richards and executive producer Ruth Kenley-Letts will be participating in a Q & A session after the episode. Tickets are open to the public and on sale now and can be bought here.
Tom in Radio 4 Drama The Sequel!! Tom will be starring in Radio 4’s new drama William Goldman’s “Brothers” (which is a sort of sequel/follow up to “Marathon Man”) being broadcast on Saturday 22nd July at 2.30pm. Details can be found here.
Brothers - Radio 4 Drama
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